My daughter’s friend named her Betty on Sunday evening when he was over at our house for a visit. Betty came from another shelter bearing the name “Sky,” which didn’t seem right. Once he said “Betty” we knew it was a match. We only get this little sweetie for about two weeks. She didn’t cry at all during the ride home (most pups scream the whole time they are in the transport kennels) and she seems to just know what humans expect. 

As you can see…she has the sweetest face in the entire world.



Henry…the one we adopted




On May 7, 2013, our family lost Watson – our wonderful miniature schnauzer. Very quickly, we realized that our house was too empty without a pet but we weren’t sure we were ready to adopt right away so we fostered Henry, a 3-year-old miniature schnauzer, for a while. In short order we realized he belonged in our family. Henry is our new dog and we love him so much. We’ve re-learned that every dog has his or her own personality. Henry is very athletic and somewhat more independent than Watson was. He’s also calmer around strangers and very willing to let you pick him up and turn him upside down as you cuddle. Henry has a few bad habits that still need work…but together we are getting there!

Here’s Henry:


And here is our memorial to Watson: