A Long Time Ago…

…in a foster home far, far away (ok, actually it was my foster home)….two foster puppies weren’t posted on my blog until after they left. Luke and Leia were crazy precious. Sadly…I don’t remember right now which was the “dark one” and which was the “light one.” Luke was renamed Luther by the humane society when he went back to them because they already had a Luke.



The Sugar Pups




ImageImageIn October, 2013, we collected two foster pups. Their momma’s name was Sugar so the shelter wanted the pups to have candy names. My brilliant daughter came up with the name Heath for the brown and black little boy. After a while, we settled on Honey for the little girl – a mostly white puppy with only one blue eye. These pups lived up to their sweet names and our miniature schnauzer Henry seemed to love these little guys. We worried about Honey because she stayed tiny and skinny and near the end of her stay with us, she had a seizure. That was a new and very scary experience but apparently isn’t terribly uncommon for puppies. The shelter hypothesized that her blood sugar might have dipped too low. Thankfully, our foster contact later sent us a picture of Honey in her new home, happily cuddling with a stuffed dragon. Both the pups were adopted into loving homes and are doing well. We are relieved and happy to know that they are with their new families, snuggling up with love as the weather gets colder!