Biscuit and Sunny-with-a-“u”

The little boy puppy is named Biscuit and the little girl is Sunny, which confused me because I think of “Sonny” as being a boy’s name. Her first foster mom clarified for me that it was Sunny-with-a-“u.” I suppose the “u” feminizes the name.

The little boy is smaller, whiter, and a little more cautious than his more rambunctious sister.




Here’s the sad but then happy part of the story…Texas Humane Heroes rescued these little puppies from a puppy mill when they were about six weeks old. It must have been awful because they had trouble walking when they were first rescued. When I think about how they suffered their first few weeks of life (and how many years their parents probably suffered), I’m appalled. Luckily, they began to have a normal, happy life at their first foster home. Love makes all the difference in the world. They are playful and happy, although they still move with some wobbles. These angels will make two families very happy in just a few weeks!


Puppy Personalities

We aren’t exactly the most experienced foster family around, but we are certainly gaining in experience. One of the things we always enjoy watching is the emergence of puppy personalities. There are certain things that seem to be almost universal for puppies. For example, it seems to me that most puppies prefer to relieve themselves outdoors if given the opportunity (that makes our lives infinitely easier). And absolutely every single puppy will chew on your shoe at some point (a rather inconvenient truth).

Other things, however, are particular from puppy to puppy. Some puppies try to get into every single crevice and some puppies refuse to come when you call to them. Some puppies are gentle and sleepy and some manage to escape from their kennels. Stella and Snowball are beginning to show their individual personalities. Snowball, the pure white puppy, seems to enjoy the outdoors much more than her sister. At the beginning she was also much quieter and sleepier although I’m not sure that’s really the case anymore. One of our family members might be adopting one of these puppies and we are so excited…but we don’t know which one! So….that makes me even more curious about categorizing these sweet girls and figuring out their personalities. At this point, neither one seems particularly dominant – they actually seem much more similar to each other than other puppy siblings we’ve taken care of in our home. 

I’m sure there are only a few people reading this post, but if you had to pick either Snowball or Stella – which would you choose?


Snowball and Stella


These two girls are Snowball and Stella. We picked them up from the foster mom who was taking care of the puppies when they were born so we got to name them! My daughter stepped up with her naming skills, asked her friends for advice, and settled on Snowball (the completely white puppy) and Stella (she’s light brown and white). These girls might be almost as light as Minnie, but I’m not sure because I haven’t had to pull out my food scale yet. They came into our house on Saturday, December 29, 2012 – and they should be with us for about a month. You’ll be able to read more about these girls because now I’m all caught up with the Reck Family’s Foster History.


A couple of ENORMOUS Disney Princesses invade our home…

The shelter called because they had a big litter of puppies needing foster care. I decided to take two of the females, thinking that they might be easier (I was clearly delusional). So we ended up with Jasmine and Belle. They came to us already named, and I thought it would be fun to have Disney Princess Puppies. I spent the whole month referring to them as “The Princesses” but my tone of voice quickly went from “ooooh, aren’t they cute?” to “watch out for those huge puppies!”

Jasmine looked like a little tiger with her brindle coloring and Belle was very white with cute freckled ears.

ImageImageImageImageImageThey were almost certainly part pit bull and they grew so quickly! They were fun and very sweet, but quickly got on Watson’s nerves. A dear friend from work donated a soft bed for us to use with our foster puppies and these girls loved to lounge in the sunshine although their forever home will need to get them a much bigger bed!


How Grumpy became Daisy…and then Cora

Our next set of foster puppies came from a Beagle momma and were absolutely precious. They started out roughly equivalent in size, but eventually Panda outgrew her sister. Panda is the puppy whose face is half black and half white. Her sister came to us as “Grumpy” but we quickly re-christened her because my daughter didn’t think it was fair to saddle her with such a negative name. She seems to have a flair for naming puppies, so Grumpy became Daisy. These girls spent plenty of time on my Facebook page (as you can see, they are quite photogenic) and some of my friends were interested in the idea of adoption. My son’s former preschool teacher was looking for a new dog and we were thrilled when Daisy went to her house on a permanent basis. However, Daisy received another name change in the process. Daisy is now Cora and is enjoying a life of leisure with her new best friend!


Lily…the sickly puppy

Although Lily was bigger than any puppy we’d had up until July 2012…she was also the most delicate. She wasn’t eating well at all until she got into our home and we loved on her as much as we could. She even had to sleep on a heating pad to maintain her body temperature. She was a bit of a mess…losing some hair and one of her paws was crooked. But we loved her so much and she had the funniest, biggest tongue we’d ever seen on a dog. My son was particularly attached to her and very upset when it was time for her to go to her own foster-to-adopt family. Last we heard, she is doing very well. Such a sweet girl…she deserves the best!


Minnie…the tiniest puppy!

Minnie was the tiniest puppy we’ve fostered so far, but she also had the BIGGEST personality! She was so small that even though we kept her for a long time, she still wasn’t two pounds – so she wasn’t big enough for her “no-babies-for-me” surgery. We enjoyed her company and cracked up when we had to bathe her (which was more often that she would have preferred) because she looked like a drowned rat in the sink. Her “forever family” was able to serve as a foster-to-adopt family for her and I cried when I dropped her off with them at the shelter. ImageImageHere’s one of my favorite pictures…she would go right up to our dog Watson and take his toy away from him. His toy was even bigger than she was, but she didn’t seem to care and Watson sure didn’t know what to do with her!


Our First Foster Puppies – May 2011

Our family volunteered at the Humane Society of Williamson County as much as we could. One day, when my daughter and I were about to go home after volunteering, the foster coordinator asked us if we would consider fostering some puppies that had to be bottle-fed. We saw the puppies and there was just no way we could go home without them. They weren’t very tiny but they were extremely young and it was just like having a newborn infant again. I was getting up once or twice during the night to feed them. Our dog, Watson, seemed wary but he kept his distance and didn’t bother them – he just looked on curiously as the kids and I bottle fed the babies for a few weeks. We learned that puppy formula is rather expensive and puppies are messy eaters. We also learned how wonderful it is to give your love to foster pups.