The Crew


These three little brothers are terribly precious. You can see from the two biggest brothers that there must be a little Rottweiler in them, but the smallest boy looks just like a Lab. I feel awful about this, but I can’t remember their names because I heard the names in passing as I was struggling to hold their travel cage. All I remember is that their names all began with a “C” – so I’m referring to them as The Crew.

The little black Lab (whom I refuse to name because I’m already TERRIBLY attached to him) is one of the most gentle, loving dogs I ever met. I’ve already taken him down to visit a neighbor, trying to convince her that he needs to be a member of her family. When you pick him up, he just nestles right into your arms. As a matter of fact, he might be worth a trip down to Austin from Portland, Maine if my nieces wanted to adopt him!


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