Fun in the Chiminea

ImageBiscuit was the first one to hop into the chiminea but we caught a cute picture of Sunny as she rolled around in the ash and barked at her brother. They’ve started to smell a little stinky, so I’m hoping the ash might solve that particular problem!


Biscuit and Sunny-with-a-“u”

The little boy puppy is named Biscuit and the little girl is Sunny, which confused me because I think of “Sonny” as being a boy’s name. Her first foster mom clarified for me that it was Sunny-with-a-“u.” I suppose the “u” feminizes the name.

The little boy is smaller, whiter, and a little more cautious than his more rambunctious sister.




Here’s the sad but then happy part of the story…Texas Humane Heroes rescued these little puppies from a puppy mill when they were about six weeks old. It must have been awful because they had trouble walking when they were first rescued. When I think about how they suffered their first few weeks of life (and how many years their parents probably suffered), I’m appalled. Luckily, they began to have a normal, happy life at their first foster home. Love makes all the difference in the world. They are playful and happy, although they still move with some wobbles. These angels will make two families very happy in just a few weeks!