Puppy Personalities

We aren’t exactly the most experienced foster family around, but we are certainly gaining in experience. One of the things we always enjoy watching is the emergence of puppy personalities. There are certain things that seem to be almost universal for puppies. For example, it seems to me that most puppies prefer to relieve themselves outdoors if given the opportunity (that makes our lives infinitely easier). And absolutely every single puppy will chew on your shoe at some point (a rather inconvenient truth).

Other things, however, are particular from puppy to puppy. Some puppies try to get into every single crevice and some puppies refuse to come when you call to them. Some puppies are gentle and sleepy and some manage to escape from their kennels. Stella and Snowball are beginning to show their individual personalities. Snowball, the pure white puppy, seems to enjoy the outdoors much more than her sister. At the beginning she was also much quieter and sleepier although I’m not sure that’s really the case anymore. One of our family members might be adopting one of these puppies and we are so excited…but we don’t know which one! So….that makes me even more curious about categorizing these sweet girls and figuring out their personalities. At this point, neither one seems particularly dominant – they actually seem much more similar to each other than other puppy siblings we’ve taken care of in our home. 

I’m sure there are only a few people reading this post, but if you had to pick either Snowball or Stella – which would you choose?



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