Minnie…the tiniest puppy!

Minnie was the tiniest puppy we’ve fostered so far, but she also had the BIGGEST personality! She was so small that even though we kept her for a long time, she still wasn’t two pounds – so she wasn’t big enough for her “no-babies-for-me” surgery. We enjoyed her company and cracked up when we had to bathe her (which was more often that she would have preferred) because she looked like a drowned rat in the sink. Her “forever family” was able to serve as a foster-to-adopt family for her and I cried when I dropped her off with them at the shelter. ImageImageHere’s one of my favorite pictures…she would go right up to our dog Watson and take his toy away from him. His toy was even bigger than she was, but she didn’t seem to care and Watson sure didn’t know what to do with her!



2 thoughts on “Minnie…the tiniest puppy!

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