How Grumpy became Daisy…and then Cora

Our next set of foster puppies came from a Beagle momma and were absolutely precious. They started out roughly equivalent in size, but eventually Panda outgrew her sister. Panda is the puppy whose face is half black and half white. Her sister came to us as “Grumpy” but we quickly re-christened her because my daughter didn’t think it was fair to saddle her with such a negative name. She seems to have a flair for naming puppies, so Grumpy became Daisy. These girls spent plenty of time on my Facebook page (as you can see, they are quite photogenic) and some of my friends were interested in the idea of adoption. My son’s former preschool teacher was looking for a new dog and we were thrilled when Daisy went to her house on a permanent basis. However, Daisy received another name change in the process. Daisy is now Cora and is enjoying a life of leisure with her new best friend!



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